V Krásnych Sadoch sa aj zasnúbili

Tomáš and Anna Gavalierovci come from the Tatras, however, they have been living in Prauge for a couple of years, where they work in quality management. They both grew up in a house and love garden and space, so probably that is the reason they cannot imagine living in an average city flat.

The Beautiful Settlements project impressed us as soon as we heard of it. For us it is the project with sense,” says Tomáš Gavalier and he continues: “We have always dreamed of being self-sufficient, growing basic food, influencing eco-system as little as possible and creating space of harmony for our family. The timing was perfect, since we were looking for a place for our life.”

According to Gavalierovci having your own piece of heaven on Earth where one can do what he enjoys is a must. It is permaculture for Gavalierovci, growing fruit and vegetables, breeding own sheep, yoga and calm and peaceful common space. “It was more than a year ago when we came to Beautiful Settlements that reminded of a grass-grown meadow. The first step we did was to bring an old site barrack, looking quite funny on an area as big as the land. After some time, we visited the land as often as our work duties allowed us. It really is amazing to plant trees during the day, to listen to deer during pairing season or simply feel a slightly different atmosphere before dawn. The grass-grown meadow has turned to a place for living. Currently people have been working a lot on lands, there are first garden structures and we get to know our neighbours. We got engaged on our land under the Tatras,” says Anna Gavalierová, smiling.

They both are looking forward to spending all their time and energy, working with earth and building their small, cosy house. (BS)