Ako som začal včeláriť

Once you look inside the hive and feel the power of that unique “super-organism” with vibration and smell of solar energy, you will never walk away from bees, you set off for a journey to learn about this remarkable craft instead. In the real sense of the word it represents a set of skills that the bee keeper acquires over the years of work:  he becomes a biologist, chemist, food expert, meteorologist, country specialist and a woodworker. Throughout the years of experience, the bee keeper learns to be modest, wise and to respect the creation that the colony of bees represent.

We intentionally speak about the colony of bees, and not about the bees specifically, because the “super organism” makes a whole that is not possible to divide and understanding it means the first step for the bee keeping to be successful.  At present times there are new trends coming up based on both the ancient ideas and modern research. Various practices that are very often applied to the detriment of a bee colony and a bee keeper itself, tend to be set aside. Many bee keepers find it difficult to harmonize economy and ethics of breeding that is the key point in respect of ecological approach.

At the beginning I focused on the most natural breeding of productive bee colonies that are different from the original, wild bee colonies. It, of course, does not mean to turn away from what the evolution has been working on thousands of years. It rather suggests that the needs of human being should be harmonized to prevent the bee colonies from being weakened because they represent a significant part of this lively and sustainable country we wish to live in.

One of the most discussed subject among bee keepers includes the bee hive selection and the frames, where the effective manipulation and maximum honey yield is important. Technically speaking, there is nothing more to invent. As a beginner I was most inspired by Japanese breeding technique which is based on the beehive without the frames, where the bee colony builds its masterpiece like it is in a log hive. Detailed description would take too long. For this reason I have decided to write several articles describing the life of bee colony during a specific season.

We have winter now. It is a calm period for some organisms, but very difficult for bees which protect their immortality and prepare for re-birth. Symbolism is suitable here, what do you think?